Leaning building is leaning no more

COOS BAY, Ore. -- The historic Chandler building in downtown Coos Bay is leaning no more!

After shifting almost 11 inches to the Northwest, the Chandler building has finally been boosted back up.

Ken Hollembaek, a supervisor for Ram Jack of Oregon, described the process. "We placed 22 helicals, we placed jacks, hydraulic jacks on every one and jacked it up," he said. "We got approximately eight and a half inches up and that was as far as it was going to go."

James Tarantino, who owns the building, says he was happy with the work. "All the cracks in the building closed up really nicely," he said. "We were really pleased, we were jumping in the streets. I'm just a happy camper.

James says there's just a couple of details left to do, like fix the sidewalk.

As of right now, the building is safe and open for business.