Let there be light? Special election planned for light ordinance

BANDON, Ore. -- Local lawmakers are planning a special election on an exterior lighting ordinance in Bandon.

The dark sky ordinance would allow the city of Bandon to regulate lights outside both public and private property within city limits.

The proposed restriction looks to diminish the amount of light during nighttime hours to protect wildlife habitats, preserve Bandon's night skies and conserve energy resources.

Opponents of the measure say it is a violation of their property rights.

Rob Taylor, one of those opponents, was responsible for collecting enough signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot for a vote.

"My side is very simple. Do you want the City of Bandon ... to dictate to you what kind of lights you will have on your property? When they don't know what you will need to keep yourself safe," said Taylor.

Ballots will be mailed out on Feb. 22, and voters have a couple of weeks to cast their vote.