Letter to city claims responsibility for IEDs, threatens more violence

COOS BAY, Ore. - Letters claiming responsibility for two improvised explosive devices placed in Coos Bay in recent weeks say the people responsible are threatening further violence if a Vietnam Veterans memorial shaped like a cross isn't removed from a city park.

The City of Coos Bay got one of the letters from a group claiming to go by the name "Veterans United for Non-religious Memorials."

In the letter, the group claimed responsibility for an IED detonated at the memorial in Mingus Park and another left in the Prayer Chapel in downtown Coos Bay. Firefighters discovered that IED while responding to a fire at the chapel. A bomb squad rendered the IED harmless.

The letters threaten further action if the park memorial isn't removed.

The Coos Bay Police Department, Oregon State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are pursuing numerous leads developed during the investigation, police said. Evidence from the explosive devices is currently being analyzed by both the Oregon State Police and the FBI Crime Laboratories, Coos Bay police said.

Anyone with information regarding the two destructive device incidents mentioned above or the recently received letters claiming responsibility is encouraged to call the Coos Bay Police Department at (541) 269-8911 or Coos Stop Crime at (541) 267-6666.