Local charity needs old phones and ink cartridges

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Are you getting an new cell phone for Christmas, or maybe you have some old ink cartridges laying around? One South Coast charity will gladly take those old ratty things off your hands.

Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA) is trying a new fundraising technique to raise money for its Court Appointed Special Advocates program.

"We collect the phones and hand them over to PhoneRaiser," said Cintia Henry, volunteer coordinator with ORCCA. "They, in return, recycle or reuse the phones or ink cartridges you donate, and then cut us a check that gets directly put into our CASA budget."

Henry said depending on how they can use the phone will determine its monetary value, but she said no phone is too old to be donated.

The term "Phone-raiser" sounds a lot like the more common synonym "fundraiser", but instead of raising money, ORCCA will now have to raise old phones and ink cartridges. The company that is helping them raise the money is also called PhoneRaiser.

Henry said the collection boxes have been out for a few weeks, but ORCCA really wants to get the word out now that the holidays are here, a time when people often get new electronics.

"We'd be more than happy to take the old phone you may be replacing this Christmas," she said. "You should consider putting it to good use instead of just leaving it in a drawer or on a shelf."

Amanda D'Souza, ORCCA spokeswoman, said the money from the program will go towards CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).

"These are special people who defend and look out for the best interest of a child in a legal setting who has often been removed for their home for a number of reason," D'Souza said.

All of the money raise through the PhoneRaiser will go towards the CASA program.

D'Souza said the boxes will remain in the place throughout the year as a hopefully new funding source for CASA.

You can drop off your phones at any of these locations in the Bay Area:
- Wal*mart (Customer Service and Layaway Departments)
- Aaron's North Bend
- Abel Insurance
- Video and More
- Yellow Cab Taxi
- ORCCA main offices