Local distillery about ready to ship handcrafted rum

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The community of Charleston is known for producing seafood products, but there's something a little less fishy that's about to hit shelves.

After months of waiting on equipment and permits, Stillwagon Distillery is finally ready to ship its rum out to liquor stores and into the hands of eager customers.

Rick Stillwagon, the owner, says people have been asking when they will get to buy the locally produced rum. "They've been biting at the bit, I get calls just about every day to come up and visit and do the tasting," he said.

Nestled in the hills of a fishing town, Rick has been busy perfecting his formula for a sweet after-taste with a hint of molasses. "Just trial and error and experimentation," he said. "It's a hand crafted product, you can see I'm over there dipping each bottle by hand."

Each bottle with it's own unique flavor. "We have a spiced rum, gold rum, dark rum that will come out later," Rick said.

The rum has already been requested by local liquor stores, and the distillery is also opening a tasting room. "That is what's going to be the key factor, is people actually tasting the rum and seeing if they like it," he said.

"It's a small business and hopefully a unique product, a high quality product. My goal is to produce a very good rum," he said.

You will have to wait a couple more weeks before the tasting room opens, but the bottles should be on the shelves by mid April.