Local fisherman wins smoked fish competition

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- For the second year in a row, south coast fishermen competed to see who could catch and cook the best steelhead and salmon in the area.

The fish derby and smoked fish competition took place at Spinreel State Park Saturday.

Local fisherman Chuck Meyers won the competition, but he donated his prize to the local wildlife education program.

The event's organizer says the competition gets bigger every year. "It's a group of us that started fishing together and thought, "why don't we have a steelhead derby here on the creek since we started a fishery," trying to increase the fishery," said Mike Mader. "So, it started growing from a little small tent to two big tents and a smoked fish competition."

KCBY reporter Ricky Maranon was a proud judge at this year's competition.

Judges evaluated 17 entries of fish.