Local musicians bring back Irish folk music

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Above the sounds of dishes clanking and diners chatting, you'll hear something that transports you to an Irish tavern.

A group of musicians gets together at Shark Bites restaurant in Coos Bay the first and third Monday of every month to play acoustic folk music.

"If you went abroad you would find a session like this. Traditionally you will find this in every Irish pub," says Stacy Rose, a musician in this group.

The Irish Session is an offshoot of the South Coast Folk Society -- a non-profit that promotes folk music, dance and culture.

But what exactly is "folk"?

It's a genre of music, but Rose says it's hard to describe. All they care is that it's fun and it's easy.

"If someone is a musician and feels a little bit intimidated about coming, come and listen a few times and pretty much if you can play a D, G or A chord, you can play along," said Rose.

Gail Elber is a core member of the group and plays multiple instruments.

"I love that a lot of us are beginners and I love to see that people gain confidence," Elber said.

Rose and Elber say you don't have to be a member of the South Coast Folk Society or Irish to join in.