Local non-profit gets big financial boost

COOS BAY, Ore.-- A local non-profit that serves adults with developmental disabilities is getting a big financial boost.

Star of Hope, located in the Empire District of Coos Bay on Newmark Ave., is the recipient of a $20,000 grant from the Henry Lea Hillman Jr. Foundation.

"Right now, we rent the forklift we are using for our recycling operations," Star of Hope Executive Director Gerald Miller said. "We've always had the option of purchasing it, and now we can."

Miller said the forklift will allow the non-profit to be in better control of its recycling program, and the purchase will also allow them to expand their operations which in the long-run could allow them to hire more people with disabilities.

"In the last couple of years, we've not been able to sell our cardboard or shredded paper," he said. "We've found a vendor that is willing to buy those items from us, and so we're expanding our operations from how it use to be to really moving it to a commercial venture."

Since the Star of Hope is now able to process more paper and make money off of it, Miller said the organization is looking to expand its customer base.

"We're a real operation," he said. "We shred paper for Bay Area Hospital and The Mill Casino. We'd be happy to do it for you too."

If you would like the Star of Hope to recycle your paper, newspaper and cardboard, they ask that you call them at 541-888-8893.