Local tattoo artist gives free ink to teen battling cancer

COQUILLE, Ore. -- It's a nightmare for many parents to see their teenage daughter get a tattoo.

But for Natalie Hill's parents, it was an easy decision.

Natalie Hill, of Coos Bay, is battling bone cancer, and earlier this month she checked one more thing off her bucket list.

Lisa Johnson from Inspired Ink in Coquille gave Natalie and her best friend tattoos for their seventeenth birthdays -- at no charge.

"She's very strong willed, she's inspirational to everyone who comes in contact with her and it's like, why not. Why not? I can do it and I'd love to give her that gift," said Johnson.

Natalie didn't flinch once.

"It's really not that big of a deal cuz I have lots of scarsso this one actually is one I got to choose," she said.

When put together their tattoos read "to infinity and beyond".