Main wins re-election by 14 votes

COQUILLE, Ore.-- Coos County Commissioner Bob Main has narrowly won re-election to the Coos County Board of Commissioners.

Main, who was leading Commissioner Fred Messerle by 12 votes before the recount, managed to pick up two more votes in the recount expanding his lead.

The race is one of the closest races in Coos County history, and it was the first Coos County Clerk Terri Turi has ever had to do since taking office more than a decade ago.

The recount was expected to take two to three days, but was finished in just one and a half by 20 election board workers.

State Election Director Stephen Trout was also present to witness the recount and assisted in the in process.

The following reflects the certified recount result which is now the official result of this contest for the election:

Fred Messerle - 12,650
Robert (Bob) Main - 12,664