Make-A-Wish: 'A big city that had lots of princesses'

BANDON, Ore. -- A Bandon family is staying positive through some hard times, and it's helping make wishes come true.

Five-year-old Brooklin Butts was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2011.

Treatment has taken a toll on not just little Brooklin, but the entire family.

But, through the Make a Wish Foundation, Brooklin's biggest wish was granted: Brooklin and her family went to Disney World and Seaworld.

Rory Butts, Brooklin's dad, says it was a much needed getaway for everyone. "It was just such an amazing time for us as a family, to get out and forget about all the worries and everything, all the stress we've been going through," he said.

Meghan Butts, Brooklin's mom, says the little girl with this horrible disease actually makes it easier on the family. "Brooklin makes it a little bit easier," she said. "We feel like being positive is extremely important, and she's just a happy kid."

As for Brooklin, the little girl who is fighting leukemia, she had something a little more important to say. "I got to go to a big city that had lots of princesses," she said. "I saw Shamu, they splashed us."

Brooklin's mom and dad say they're just taking each day at a time.