Make-A-Wish: 'They're like Legos buildings of you'

ALBANY, Ore. -- For Michelle and Donnie Evans, making their son feel better isn't as simple as a spoonful of cough medicine.

8-year-old Landin Evans has cystic fibrosis. So does his little sister, Caitlin. "We've got machines to do 'chest therapy,' where it kinda beats on their chest," Donnie said.

An hour under the vest each night and countless hospital stays has left little Landin with a lot of time to think. So, when the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Landin where he wanted to go, the answer came quick: Legoland.

Donnie says the boys decision was pretty easy. "At that point, he was heavy into Legos, that's all he wanted to do," he said.

Landon got his wish, and talked about his favorite memory: a personal lesson from Legoland's master builder. "They're replicas of yourself, they're like Legos buildings of you," said Landon.

Donnie said, "If you go to Legoland and look for this ship, you'll see them on there.

At Legoland, Lego-Landin and Lego-Caitlin got an escape from their reality.