Man accused of hitting another in the face with a framing hammer

LINCOLN CITY, Ore. -- Deputies booked a man in the Lincoln County Jail for hitting another man in the face with a framing hammer early Thursday morning.

Sheriff's deputies interviewed the 58-year-old assault victim at around 10:30 a.m. Thursday while he was receiving treatment in the Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. The victim told deputies the assault happened sometime after midnight near Gleneden Beach Loop and Sijota Street.

The victim said Richard Bergan, 54 of Lincoln Beach, hit him in the face with a heavy framing hammer - a tool most often used in building wooden houses.

Deputies said they found the hammer used in the assault at Bergan's house while taking his statement on the alleged assault.

He was taken to the Lincoln County Jail where he faces second-degree assault charges with a $250,000 bail.