Man cited after crashing battle tank twice near Gold Beach

GOLD BEACH, Ore. - A Curry County man was cited for reckless driving last week after he crashed a vintage battle tank into a guardrail on Highway 101.

Yes, a battle tank.

It happened on Nov. 27 about five miles south of Gold Beach. According to an Oregon State Police spokesman, the recently purchased 1969 Chieftain Battle tank was being delivered by truck to an area resident's house. The truck driver, Jeffrey Glossop, 58, decided that his truck wasn't going to make it up a steep hill while carrying the tank.

Glossop unloaded the 50-ton tank and tried to drive it up the hill himself, despite having no experience driving a tank, police said.

It didn't go as planned.

As Glossop started up the hill, the tank slipped out of gear and rolled backward across Highway 101. Police said several vehicles had to stop to avoid the out-of-control tank, which crashed through a guardrail.

But Glossop didn't give up.

Police said he started driving up the hill again, but when he rounded a curve the tank slipped out of gear and rolled backward through another guardrail. The tank rolled down an embankment and crashed into some trees.

Damage was estimated at around $1,500. No one was hurt.

Glossop faces reckless driving and criminal mischief charges.