Manure digester turns smelly dairy air into electricity

COBURG, Ore. - Cows provide milk and beef products to people.

Now some cows in Coburg will be contributing even more - with their manure.

Konyn Dairy Farm said a manure digester will soon be installed on the farm converting that smelly dairy air into electricity.

"Having a digester really improves the smell of the dairy," said David Konyn from Konyn Dairy Farm, "and we live in an area where that's very close to urban sprawl."

Konyn said the manure is put into big tanks where little bugs go to work.

"The bugs break it down, the byproduct is the gas, and the tanks are sealed," he explained. "The gas is captured, so the gas rises and is diverted into pipes."

Konyn said they're getting some help from the company Revolution Energy Solutions, which has already helped set up a manure digester in Junction City.

Methane gas has been a contributing factor to ozone pollution, and Konyn said he's glad to be a part of reducing the waste.

"I'm very excited to tell people about it, and most of the reaction has been very positive," he said.

Konyn Farms hopes the manure digester will soon become the norm for every dairy farm across the world.