Mapleton cleans up as threat of more flooding looms

MAPLETON, Ore. -- Cheryl and David Griffin were busy throwing away debris and getting rid of sludge on their property on Riverview Avenue. She's not worried about the rain coming back.

"I don't think it will come up that high, but if it does we have everything cleaned out and we've got everything in progress that we can possibly do," said Griffin.

Homes are still covered in a layer of sludge and mud from last week's high water, and residents are busy at work cleaning up. Despite the rain on Tuesday, residents say they don't expect a repeat of last week's storm.

Griffin says she learned a valuable lesson from last week's floods. "If this is a flood zone and this can happen again, we need to be protected," said Griffin. "As a neighborhood, I think we're gonna get together after this is over and see what we can do. Everybody's policy is different."

A few doors down, Jeannie Foss was busy shoveling out the thick sludge on her property. She says last week's flooding was severe because of a combination of weather elements.

"You've gotta have five things going. You've got the wind, the melt, the snow, the pineapple express and heavy rains," said Foss.

Even though the rain is back, she doesn't think it will flood as much as last week. In fact, she says the rain may actually help wash away the sludge and mud on her property.

"We're just trying to get the mud out and it'll dissipate and the it'll run off with the rain," said Foss.