Massage for the Cause to help a local family

COOS BAY, Ore. -- People walk, run, cook and eat to help others, and now a South Coast woman has started something new: 'Massage for the Cause.'

Lacey Reiss is a massage therapist.

With a 6-week-old baby, her hands are usually full.

Now, Lacey's healing hands are going to be reaching a lot farther than her massage table.

Families with empty pockets have been sending Lacey messages through Facebook, and in October, $10 from every massage she gives will go to one family at the end of the month.

Lacey says the requests are pouring in and some are pretty major. "A lady that her daughter has a congenital heart disease, so they're taking her to OHSU, to a family that just moved here that say they only have $200 left and no jobs."

Some are asking for just a little help. "A lady just wanted a mountain bike because she doesn't have a car, so it would help her to be able to get a job."

There is one thing this new mom is sure of. "It's going to be hard to pick just one family to help."

You can send her a request or find out how to sign up for Massage for the Cause at her Facebook page.

Reiss says Maria Forty, another local massage therapist is joining her in the donation.