McCullough Bridge segments find new home in downtown North Bend

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- The McCullough Bridge has often been called The North Bend Bridge, and now pieces of the bridge are actually finding a new home in downtown North Bend.

The company currently doing construction work on the bridge is giving away parts of the bridge no longer needed to the city free of charge.

"We're placing them around town at key locations," Bob Dillard, North Bend Public Works Director, said. "They'll be there permanently."

Dillard said not only has the city decided to accept the donated bridge parts, but the city has secured the concrete bridge sides to the ground long term.

"They've been moured in the sidewalk and grouted in." he said. They are very popular. Everybody who has come up to us likes them for the most part, and so it looks like we'll continue on with them and put them in other places."

Though the North Bend Master Plan did not call for the bridge parts to be placed downtown on the newly installed sidewalks, the city hopes it will add some unique qualities to the rennovations being made downtown.

More construction in downtown North Bend is scheduled to take place in January 2013.