Measure to stop Jordan Cove project shot down in special election

Jordan Cove LNG (File/SBG photo)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- A measure that would have stopped construction of the Jordan Cove LNG project was shot down by voters in Tuesday’s special election.

The latest unofficial results show more than 75 percent of voters opposed the measure.

The project would run a gas pipeline from California to the Coos Bay area.

Supporters of the LNG project tout the creation of jobs in the area while those who oppose the project say they have environmental concerns.

"We've gotten a tremendous amount of momentum of this for us,” said Mary Geddry, chief petitioner of Measure 6-162, “to suddenly just kind of fold and walk away would be ridiculous, so we will definitely be re-filing. We live with the consequences, they get the rewards, we live with the risk."

Many who voted against the measure see the Jordan Cove project as an economic shot in the arm to the south coast.

"I'm in favor of jobs,” said Barry Winters with Save Coos Jobs Committee. “I want people to work here. I want my children, my grandchildren, your children, your grandchildren to be able to stay here in Coos County and work. I understand that some people have beliefs against Jordan Cove, but I don't want it to be against Coos County."

The turnout for Tuesday's election was about 43 percent.

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