Medical? Recreational? Illegal: Coos Bay weighs city ban on pot

COOS BAY, Ore. - As legal marijuana stores in Washington state open their doors, the City of Coos Bay is looking to ban marijuana for good.

In January, the city imposed a one-year ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city to prepare it's zoning laws. Oregon lawmakers gave cities the option of delaying implementation of state-sanctioned dispensaires.

Since then, city officials have attended trainings on the topic.

The City Council has now asked city to draft a proposal banning marijuana permanently.

"While the current administration in Washington, D.C., has chosen not to enforce federal law in regards to marijuana in our state," said Rodger Craddock, Coos Bay city manager, "that could change in the future with the change of future administrations. Should a future federal administration want to enforce that, the City could be in jeopardy and lose our ability to get federal funds."

The city is expected to hold public hearings on the issue, with a formal proposal possible in August.