Midwife faces charges for infant death

COQUILLE, Ore.- Over 50 protestors stood in front of the Coos County Courthouse Monday against the charges a midwife faces for the death of an infant.

Over her 30 year career, Marcene Rebeck has delivered over 300 children without a death until last year.

Many of the protestors believe the second degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges against Rebeck are a stance against home birth.

"They are trying to use fear to make it seam like home birth is not safe, but we can all attest. Many of us were born at home, or had babies at home," Nicole Kraynik, a supporter and mother who's children were delivered by Rebeck said.

Supporters stood in front of the courthouse chanting for hours. Many of them stood with the very children Rebeck brought into this world.

Rebeck is not only a midwife but teaches classes in the community and owns a coffee shop in Bandon.

"She delivers the babies, teaches them in montessori, takes the mommas to Jazzercise to get them back in shape, and then gives them coffee to get them through," Patty Santos a protester said.

Rebeck plead not guilty but could face 10 years in prison if convicted.

During the arriagnment Coos County District Attorney Paul Fraiser requested the judge have Rebeck notify families who use her services of the charges she faces in writing. The judge denied the request.

She will be back in court September 10th.