Midwife faces manslaughter: 'Video will show what she did or did not do'

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A Coos County judge has decided that jurors will be able to see a video of a child being born in an upcoming manslaughter trial of a midwife.

The case against Marcene Rebeck stems from the death of a baby girl who died from septic shock on June 18, 2011.

Judge Richard Barron ruled Monday morning that jurors in the manslaughter trial of Rebeck, a Bandon area midwife, will be able to view the birth at the center of the case.

After hearing testimony from a Eugene midwife familiar with 'Wet Births,' Rebeck's attorney Laura Fine Moro, argued that if the video was shown it could emotionally sway a jury to want justice for the deceased baby, even if that means blaming Rebeck for something she allegedly didn't contribute to.

Barron sided with District Attorney Paul Fraiser, who argued that the video is evidence of what really took place. "The issue that's going to need to be decided in the case, is what did Ms. Rebeck do? The video will show what she did or did not do," Fraiser said.

Rebeck's attorney also believes that doctors testifying on behalf of the prosecution see birth as a medical condition, while midwives view birth as a natural process.

Those differences in views are expected to be the line between what went right and what went wrong during the birth.

Rebeck's trial was set to take place next month, but is now being pushed back until May because witnesses for the prosecution could not make the February trial date.