Miss Coos County 2014 crowned

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Meet 19-year-old Rande Jones.

She's a freshman at Southwestern Oregon Community College and recently crowned Miss Coos County.

She says it was hard to believe at first. "It really didn't occur to me what exactly was happening until today, really," she said.

Rande wasn't always into pageants.

She is one of 6 kids and works at a wood chip mill. "At first, I was totally against it because it's something that just wasn't my thing to do," she said. "Then my mom kind of convinced me to, by telling me that if I didn't want to do it afterwards, then I never had to do it again."

But she did, finishing as runner up last year and finally winning the crown this year.

Rande's platform is child abuse prevention, something she holds dear to her heart. "We did foster care, so I had a lot of children in my house growing up," she said. "So, it was just something that was important to me, important to my family and something that I wanted to promote throughout our county."

Rande plans to work with county's child abuse and intervention center. "It's important for every child to have a good life and a good home, and parents really just should be able to take care of their children and offer them that," she said.

Rande will compete for the Miss Oregon title in June. "It's something that I've been working for a long time, so I'm glad that I finally have the opportunity to be Miss Coos County and show everyone what I can do," Rande said.