Miss Oregon talks brain injury in Coos County

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- She has made 175 apperances since being crowned, and Tuesday marked Miss Oregon's first stop in Coos County.

At the Red Lion Hotel, Miss Oregon 2013 Allison Cook spoke with the Coos Bay-North Bend Rotary Club about brain injury awareness.

It's an issue that she says hits close to home. "My very first one was 6th grade, and at that time you just got your bell rung, it wasn't quite as esteemed as a concussion is today," Cook said.

Despite having four concussions throughout her sports career, Cook doesn't discount the physical development and team building that make sports so important.

But, she wants to adovcate for what she calls the most important thing in sports: safety. "My goal is for coaches, referees, parents, students, athletes etc., to understand that brain health should be at the forefront over any game or competitive activity."

Although concussions have been brought to light through a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the NFL, brain injuries aren't limited to athletics. "There are car accident related, a lot of our military and service men have also suffered brain injuries and concussions, so it's a very applicable issue and lots of people are affected by it," Cook said.

Miss Oregon will also be making apperances at some local schools, as well as be at the crowning of Miss Coos County on Saturday.