Missing property? Coos Bay police may have it

      COOS BAY, Ore. -- Have you had property stolen? Maybe lost something valuable? Coos Bay police say they have quite a bit of both, but you have a limited time to pick it up.

      Coos Bay police have quite a list of property that has either been found or reported stolen.

      Authorities say you have until February 4 to file a claim for property.

      Officials say you can call the Coos Bay Police Department to speak to the evidence technician to make an appointment to identify your property.

      Police say unclaimed property that has any value will be sold, and usually, property with no value will be destroyed.

      Here is a list of the items police have:

      Samsung cell phone

      White Westinghouse radio

      Sony laptop computer

      HP laptop computer

      RCA VCR

      Nintendo 64 game system

      Two Sony Playstation 2 game systems

      Magnavox VCR

      Sony Cybershot 3.2 digital camera

      Two Sega Genesis game systems

      Sega Dream Cast game system

      Duraband digital clock radio

      Lighting hood

      Blue, 18-speed Roadmaster bicycle

      Turquoise, 16-speed Huffy bicycle

      Blue, Huffy Savannah girls bicycle

      Brown cloth rice bag of DVDs

      Hi-tech blue and black backpack

      Officials say you must identify the items before you can pick them up.