Money starting to flow in for tsunami cleanup efforts

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Since last summer, large Japanese tsunami debris has not been found along the Oregon coast, but the money to pay for last summer's clean up effort has now come ashore.

After receiving only $50,000 last year from the federal government to help clean up the debris, more help has arrived.

With west coast states getting limited amounts of funding, local governments were left footing the clean up bill.

In Oregon, the cost alone is more than $250,000.

The Japanese government gave the US $5-million to help clean up debris last fall, and now that money is ready for distribution.

Senator Ron Wyden says the majority of the cleanup work is done, but it's not over yet. "The bottom line is, there is still an enormous challenge for Oregon coastal communities ahead, both in terms of finding the debris, determining the direction it is going, making sure that it steers clear of boats and people and all of the aspects of coastal life that are so important," Wyden said. "So, we're going to stay on top of it."

Tsunami debris clean up funding was also attached to a bill that gives aid to Hurricane Sandy victims.

The money from congress and Japan is expected to be made available to state and local governments sometime next month.