More bones found in trailer park where human skull was found

PORT ORFORD, Ore. -- Members of the Oregon State Police Crime Lab spent Tuesday morning digging in the area where a human skull was found under a mobile home in Port Orford.

Port Orford Police Chief Marvin Combs said the discovery of the skull, and now more bones that are believed to be human, has led to a death investigation of the area in the Anchor Inn RV Park on 9th Street.

The park recently got new owners, who were cleaning up the park and removing an abandoned trailer.

When they moved the trailer, they say they found the human skull laying on the ground.

The trailer has been taken to a site on the other side of town, and is being held for evidence.

Around 11 a.m., the Oregon State Police Forensics Team from Eugene started digging around where the skull was found.

Chief Combs confirmed to KCBY News Tuesday afternoon, that investigators discovered more bones buried in the area where the skull was found.

"We don't know what we have right now," Combs said. "This is just a death investigation right now. We aren't calling it a crime scene because we don't know if the skull is here because of a crime, or if any foul play was involved at all. Right now it's just a death investigation."