'My daughter got off easy'

COQUILLE, Ore.-- A woman found guilty last week of stabbing a North Bend police officer smiled and slightly laughed just moments after being sentenced for the crime on Monday.

Danielle Welsh appeared before Judge Richard Barron Monday morning for sentencing.

The judge delivered harsh words for her saying police officers do not have time to deal with Welsh's drug-induced wild behavoir.

"You are very lucky the officer did not shoot you," Barron told Welsh.

North Bend Officer Patrick Kinney, who has been stabbed three times during his career, said it was just a risk that comes with the job.

Kinney tells KCBY he wished Welsh the best and hopes she finds help.

"With regards to Danielle Welsh, I believe that justice was served through the courts, and I hope she gets treatment and is able to move on with her life," Kinney said.

But Welsh's mother doesn't feel the same way. She told KCBY News outside of the courthouse on Monday that she thought her daughter "got off easy" and that is why she was smiling after sentencing.

"I would first off like to apologize to the officer for my daughters actions," Dawne Falippen, Welsh's mother said. "She was raised to know right from wrong... She should be in a long term drug rehab program, but I also feel the prison sentence was not long enough."

Welsh was sentenced to two years in prison and three years post-jail supervision. She could also qualify to be a part of a drug rehabilitation program in Portland.