Myrtle Point High School bummed about delays

MYRTLE POINT, Ore. -- Delays in the completion of a new wing at Myrtle Point High School has staff and students disappointed.Students were already supposed to be in the practically new wing at the school, and were even given their new locker combinations.But after the building was inspected, the fire marshal ruled the building just wasn't quite ready. "There were some fire alarms that weren't in the right places, or we didn't have enough for whatever the code is," said principal Jennifer Sweeney. Work to get the school up to code started back in June. The nearly $3 million project included completely remodeling six classrooms and the main office.Nall Bodine from Chambers Construction said the process didn't go as smoothly as they hoped. "It just took a long time to do, about double what we expected."Students have been going to class in other rooms on campus, including the library amd the cafeteria.They were ready to get back to normal. "Today we're a little bit sad, we had prepped the kids for coming in and being in their new classrooms," said Sweeney.Jack Isenhart, an eighth grade student, says he is looking forward to having a locker. "It's hard because we want to see all the new stuff, but it's worth the wait, definitely, because it's going to be pretty nice when we finally get to use our lockers instead of hauling everything around."School officials say the building will be inspected again later this week, and they hope to have students in by next week.