Names to be added to Fishermen's Memorial

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The Charleston Fishermen's Memorial has been here since 1990 as a way for the Oregon Coast community to honor those who dedicated their life to the fishing industry.

Bill Elderkin of Georges Marine Electronics says the men and women who head out to sea put their lives on the line. "The fishing industry is one of the riskiest businesses on the planet, and there's a lot of names on those plaques."

One of those names is Elderkin's wife. "She devoted many, many years, we have the marine electronic shop here and work with the fishermen and provide their safety."

Elderkin said the location of the memorial makes it so fishermen will never forget their commrades. "It's at the mouth of the harbour, have that wonderful view out to sea and when they go down to their boats they walk past it."

The memorial not only honors those lost at sea but others who contributed to the local fishing industry.

Any recommendations for names to be dedicated at this year's ceremony are due by March 17. The annual ceremony will be held on Memorial Day.