Non-profits benefit from grants

CANYONVILLE, Ore. -- For centuries, the Cow Creek tribe has spanned across 7 counties in Oregon, and at Seven Feathers Resort last week, they continue their legacy of giving back to these communities.

Carma Mornarich from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation says the tribe has always helped local communities, but how they do it has changed over the years. "Hundreds of years ago it was in different forms," she said. "You know, maybe they taught somebody how to hunt or taught them where to find the best huckleberries."

But in this day and age, community aid comes in the form of grants, totaling over $400,000.

Leo Treselle from St. Joseph's Community Kitchen says the money helps keep the program running. "The check we received from the foundation today also gave us not only CPR for keeping us alive, but also represents what the board does, what the foundation is all about and that is C for compassion, P for passion and R for respect towards those that have these services," he said.

The foundation was able to fund half of the groups that applied across Southern Oregon.

The 65 non-profits that were chosen all focus on community development, education and fighting hunger.