North Bend airport upgrades security screening equipment

The Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend has installed new screening equipment. (File/SBG photo)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Updated security equipment has been installed in the screening area at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend.

A new body scanner will be used to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic items, including explosives and other objects that can be concealed in layers of clothing.

The equipment does not use x-ray technology nor does it generate x-ray specific images of travelers.

"It's less than the amount of radiation that would be used when you're using your cell phone on a daily basis that you'd be exposed to in these machines, and also, the screen that they see you can also see when you exit the screening, and you can see that it's just an outline of your person; no details filled in that you might be worried about," says airport spokesperson Jennifer Groth.

Groth says passengers will have a choice to either go through the new body scanner or the old metal detector screening method.

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