North Bend looks for right candidates to fill new police officer positions

(File/SBG photo)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The North Bend Police Department is wasting no time looking to hire four new officers to join the force.

The North Bend City Council gave the green light last week after several months of discussion.

City of North Bend will pay for the new officers with a new fee on North Bend homes and businesses.

The North Bend police chief says national standards recommend a police force of about 33 officers. The city now has 17.

"Those who have graduated from an academy in another state, even in this state, are more desirable because we see a reduction in training of anywhere between three-and-a-half to four months,” said Chief Robert Kappelman, “which means relief for our current officers that much sooner."

Kappelman says it's not about filling the positions as soon as possible, but finding the right candidates.

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