North Bend medical center raising funds for Philippines

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Employees at the North Bend Medical Center are trying to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Dr. Geraldine Somera organized the fundraiser, and she says that for her, it's very personal. "You just see the rest of my country just suffering, and I just need to do something and this is it," she said.

Dr. Somera and Dr. Cruz organized a bake sale as a quick way to raise money and awareness of the typhoon victims.

They know first hand how hard life in the Philippines was even before the storm. "Having a storm like this come through and demolish basically everything that they own and possess, which is not very much to start with, we complain about cell phones and little things and this. They're basically rebuilding their lives," said Somera.

The clinic is working with doctors who are providing medical care and supplies.

They've helped more than 7,000 families, but say they still need a lot more help. "I have cousins still in Sevu, which we have not contacted, and some of our members in the group have families that were in the area that lost the ceiling and the roof of their house," said Chief Lab Tech Helen Coughlin.

Coughlin says she can't bear to watch what's happening. "Seeing the children carrying their dead parents and vice versa is hard to see," she said.

Dr. Somera is asking people to choose a charity and help the Philippines in any way they can.