North Bend meets new police chief

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- North Bend, there is a new Sheriff in town. Actually, a new police chief.

Robert Kappelman comes to the coast to be North Bend's top cop after being a Captain in Two-Rivers, Wisconsin.

"I'm 42 years old, born and raised in Two-Rivers, Wisconsin. I grew up on a dairy farm," he said.

Kappelman has been in law enforcement for 21 years. He moved up the chain of command first as an officer, then a detective. Most recently, he was a Captain in Two-Rivers.

He describes himself as a servant leader. "Whatever we do, we're going to do in partnership with the community," he said.

The chief says he wants the community to let him know what it needs. "So, that we can provide the level of protection necessary to make people feel safe."

Safety is something he says is key for him and his family.

Kappelman moved here with his wife, two teenage boys and a newborn baby boy. "We wanted a place that was going to be a good place to raise a family, and we think we've found that place," he said.

Kappelman replaces former police chief Steve Scibelli, who retired from the department after 11 years.