North Bend Middle School students use Google technology to showcase their work

North Bend Middle School is trying to use Google technology to show off student work during for teacher parent conferences. (SBG photo)

NORTH BEND, Ore. – Local sixth graders are exploring new ways to use technology as an alternative to traditional teacher parent conferences.

The North Bend Middle School students had their first student-led conference using electronic portfolios Thursday.

The students used Google Suite education tools on Chromebooks to showcase the work they’ve been doing this year.

Although a teacher was at the conference, the kids did all the talking.

Barbara Becker, a North Bend Middle School teacher who is testing the electronic portfolios, said it not only helps students take ownership of their work, but helps prepare them for the future.

“This is what they're using in the business world. If we don't give them the tools now that they’re going to need when they graduate, they're going to be lost. So this is really mirroring those skills they're going to need when they are in the working world,” Becker said.

Feedback from the conference will determine if those electronic portfolios will be used next year.

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