North Bend police enforce crosswalk laws

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Why did police tell the lady to cross the road? To see if cars would stop for her.

As it turned out, several didn't and they paid the price.

Police issued several citations and warnings as they educated drivers who disobeyed crosswalk laws.

Detective Jon Bohanon of the North Bend Police Department says they get positive feedback from the public about enforcing crosswalk laws. "We do see that the drivers agree with our coming out and enforcing these type of laws," he said.

The price for not stopping for a pedestrian is $260, but police say that's far less than the price of injuring a pedestrian. "In the past we've had a number of pedestrian injury accidents and we've actually had a fatality. It's something that needs attention all the time, I think that most of us have been a pedestrian at some point."

Drivers that were stopped were given a brochure on what they need to know about crosswalk laws. "I think it's important that we educate the drivers and pedestrians of the safety laws that are in place."

North Bend police will conduct more of these operations throughout the year to ensure that their safety message gets across to the public.