North Bend realignment going forward

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The North Bend School District is moving ahead with realignment, and district officials have presented four realignment options.

They are passing out surveys, hoping to get input from the community.

Megan Jacquot, the school board chair, says they are working to make the system better. "We want to make sure we're coming up with something that's better for the students than what we have now," she said.

Right now, some elementary schools have too many kids, and others don't have enough.

Room also has to be made for a new all-day kindergarden program.

In every plan presented, fifth graders will all advance to middle school at the same time.

Some parents told KCBY News that they were pleased with the public imput period, but they're still concerned with the cost of the plan and its longevity.

Andrew Gordon is one of those parents. "I'm just not sure at what point we hit the stopping point, where none of these really work for us and we're here every year discussing the same thing."

Kara Moore, another concerned parent, says she kids need to know what lies ahead more than anything. "I want the kids building relationships with the next grade level because they're excited to have them, not wondering 'Who am I going to have, what friends am I going to go with?' They don't need to be worried about that."

For fourth grader Ian Stevenson, he would like just one more year in the same school. "New classrooms, new school, you don't know where things are."

Another public meeting will be held on March 3 at North Bay Elementary, and the school board will make a decision in mid-March.

You can see the four proposals and comment on them here.