North Bend School District looks at merging schools

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- North Bend schools may be seeing a reconfiguration.

The North Bend School Board met to talk about changing the school structure, a change that would merge schools and combine grades.

Students in kindergarten through second grade would attend Hillcrest Elementary, and third through fifth grade students would go to North Bay Middle School. "I think getting all the kids together so all the materials are in one place, so we're not buying duplicate materials, one program out there, one program in here," said B.J. Hollensteiner, the North Bend Superintendent. "I just think overall it's better."

The reconfiguration would also allow for full-day kindergarten.

A formal proposal will be presented at the next board meeting.

Comments from the community will be taken on the district's website, and a series of public meetings are planned in the coming months.