North Bend senior home throws Fireman's Ball

The first Fireman's Ball took place at Baycrest Village in North Bend. (SBG)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Local firefighters traded in their boots for dancing shoes Friday.

The first Fireman's Ball took place at Baycrest Village in North Bend.

Residents threw the party to show their appreciation for all of the firemen's hard work.

Festivities included raffle drawings, music, and a whole lot of dancing.

"Often, we see them in times of need and we thought, perhaps, the residents could thank them with a party in light of all the fires we’re having,” said Evergreen Court manager Barbara Maisch. “They are out there to save our homes and our lives; it's nice to have a little celebration to help lift our spirits."

Maisch said they plan to make the Fireman's Ball an annual event.

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