North Bend still working out realignment issues

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Big changes are planned in the North Bend School District next year because of a district realignment plan.

The district's leadership team will now come up with a plan for a K-5 model at both North Bay and Hillcrest elmentary schools, which will including re-drawing the district lines.

Lawrence Cheal, a North Bend parent, says new boudries might prove to be a hardship. "We live in Simpson Heights, and the district lines are probably going to force us to go up to North Bay, and that's definitely going to provide a hardship for our children," Cheal said.

Then, something new was thrown into the discussion. Lighthouse, a charter school, could move into the old Xerox building.

District leaders say if that happened, overcrowding problems would be solved.

If that doesn't happen, Lighthouse would either stay at North Bay or move into the middle school.

Cheal thinks the district should wait to see what direction that goes before finalizing any plans. "I don't think they should have made a decision until it was a finality that Lighthouse is going to go up to the Xerox building."

Administrators say that either way, they'll make it work. "We're going to be ready for it and we're going to be ready by May 1st," said Bill Yester, interim superintendent.