Operation Kidsafe: Coos County parents take steps to help law enforcement

(SBG photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- In Coos Bay, Operation Kidsafe helps parents prepare for a potential emergency situations involving their child.

It captures a child's picture and fingerprints and parents can give that information to law enforcement in an emergency.

The printout with the child’s information is given to the parents and none of the information is retained.

Organizers say the printouts help speed up the search process for law enforcement.

"The way the world is, especially today, if he was to come up missing or something tragic like that, we would have the information that the police or someone else would need to go and help…recover him, if you will, and I just think it's a good practice to have, just for children anyway," said grandparent Lee Taft.

There is more information at

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