Oregon city may cut entire police department from budget

ADAIR VILLAGE, Ore. - Adair Village is considering the suspension of their police department in order to save $115,000.

City Administrator Drew Foster says the city council and budget committee will discuss their options.

Foster said the department started up in 2009 when 128 acres were annexed into the city and a population growth was expected. Then the recession hit. Foster said growth remained the same.

"Until we see resident growth, we're not going to see anything happen in the city. If we don't spend $115,000 on the police department, we have other needs we can look at" said Foster.

Adair Village was an old World War II camp and some of the old buildings are being used as schools and office buildings. The city said they would like to turn some barracks into a youth center and general community center with some of the money that would be saved from suspending the police department.

"It would give some of the teenagers around here something to do and the kids too, hopefully," said Lalonnie Williams, a resident of Adair Village.

Foster says if the council and committee approves the suspension they would consider paying Benton County Sheriff's Office $25,000 a year to patrol the city for 10 hours a day.

Foster says they would plan on keeping all of their patrol vehicles and police equipment until further population growth.

Final approval on the budget is expected to take place June 2.