Oregon Civil War: Let the smack talk begin

EUGENE/CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Civil War may be this weekend, but it seems talk among fans is still focused on what happened this past Saturday.

"I almost cried," said Duck fan Ce Sarlira, "I really did almost cry."

Duck fans are still reeling from Saturday's 38-35 loss to USC.

"We've been trying to keep our minds off of it," said Duck fan Ellen Garland.

Garland and other fans said it's a tough pill to swallow.

"I think the national championship is definitely out of the cards," said Brian Stewart.

And now they're hoping to recover in time for this Saturday's Civil War showdown.

"As long as we keep winning from now on, we should be fine," he said.

The mood may have been melancholy among Duck fans on the UO campus on Monday morning.

But in Corvallis, there was nothing but smiles on the faces of Beaver fans.

With an Oregon State win over the Washington Huskies on Saturday, Beaver fans said they're ready to go for one more.

"I think we have a shot," said Beaver fan Audrey Hudson. "We always have a couple upsets every year and if the upset was the Civil War, it would be pretty big."

Combined with a Duck loss this past Saturday, fans said they have the advantage.

"Going into it with a win, we're just like yeah, we can kick their butts," said Beaver fan Adam Fargher.

And so the Civil War trash talk begins.

"I would probably say ooh, tough loss that's gotta be tough on the weekend there. We'll see you Saturday," said Fargher.