Oregonian overload slows down state health insurance site

EUGENE, Ore. -- The high volume of Oregonians looking to buy health insurance Tuesday caught "Cover Oregon", the state's online marketplace, off guard and caused their website to run slowly.

the Affordable Healthcare Act went into effect on October 1, meaning Americans nationwide could sign up for the recently passed act.

Cover Oregon's online portal had some problems handling the massive numbers of applicants, said licensed Cover Oregon broker Skylar Jones.

"Today is the Superbowl you know? It's the day we get going. Cover Oregon is available! And to find out that it wasn't there was... well it was a surprise to me," Jones said.

President Obama's Affordable Care Act was scheduled for launch on Tuesday, but Cover Oregon's Health Exchange wasn't fully ready.

"This was not a state deadline for October 1st, this was a federal deadline, so essentially they've been working hard to try to get this set up for October 1st... and they're just not ready," said Jones.

Rocky King, program director for Cover Oregon, said in a press conference that the system is not correctly determining eligibility for tax credits, the Oregon Health Plan and "Healthy Kids Program."

Despite the shutdown, the new health insurance marketplace opens for business as planned on October 1. #GetCovered

Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 1, 2013

President Obama said it best in a tweet earlier in the day, the Affordable Care Act and Cover Oregon are not affected by the government shutdown. It was just a coincident that the system overload happened on the day of the shutdown.

Oregonians can still go to and look at plans.