Out of court restrictions eased for Bandon man

COQUILLE, Ore.-- A Bandon man accused of making lewd videos of a young girl will have an easier time talking to his family this Thanksgiving.

Jesse Housego's contact restrictions with some members of his family were eased Tuesday morning so that he could enjoy the holiday meal with his family next week.

Judge Michael Gillespie eased the restrictions after it was revealed that Housego will be sharing his Thankgiving dinner with younger members of his family he previously was ordered not to have contact with simply because of their age.

At a hearing on Tuesday it was revealed that though Housego's parents are still married, they live separate from each other, but both side of the family will be reunited on the upcoming holiday.

Under the new restrictions, Housego may enjoy Thanksgiving with his family. Something that was not possible under previous orders that prevented him from speaking to younger siblings.

Housego is due back in court again next month, and he is charged with the following:

- Three counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct
- Three counts of second-degree encouraging sexual abuse
- Three counts of invasion of privacy