Owner of feed store not letting fire shut down business

COQUILLE, Ore. -- The owner of a Coquille feed store that went up in flames over the weekend lost some precious inventory in the fire, but he's not letting it stop him from doing business.

It took crews nearly eight hours to contain the fire at the Milk-E-Way Feed and Trucking Company.

Inside the store were not only farm tools and feed, but a large number of baby chickens. "We just had some baby chicks that had just come in, there were probably 75 to 80 baby chicks that were lost in the fire," said Dave Scolari. "Baby chicks, most of them in fact were less than a week old."

The store is still open for business, as they are operating in the two remaining buildings on the site that weren't damaged by the fire.

They say it could take six months to get things back to normal.