Parents say teachers aid slapped son

COOS BAY, Ore.- Parents of a special needs child are looking for justice for their son.

They say a teachers aid abused him at school.

KCBY'S Jessica Porter spoke to the parents in their home.

Ricky Flowers first noticed a change in his son last fall when he began throwing tantrums and wetting himself.

He later learned a teachers aid at Blossom Gulch Elementary slapped his son on at least 2 occasions.

"Thank god someone came forward to help him out and said you know this teacher is really slapping these children and she is really out of control," Ricky Flowers said.

Each incident occurred when the boy tried to grab the aids breast.

The six-year-old autistic boy has an obsession with breasts, a behavior that can be attributed to his disability, according to his parents.

A police report clearly states that aid also slapped another student across the face and was aggressive with the kids but authorities did not pursue the case.

"There was not a crime concerning this and what we did to make sure that we were correct in what we believed was the case here that we sent it down to the District Attorneys office who reviewed the case," Capt. Cal Mitts with the Coos Bay Police Department said.

The District Attorney reportedly found that there was not enough evidence for a case.

Superintendent Dawn Granger said they responded appropriately to the allegations but that the case is a private manner.

"He's so scared of school. he used to love school in Arizona. I just want him to love school and be a normal happy kid," Flowers said.

Flower's is meeting with the school board on April 4th.