Piano prodigy plays for North Bend students

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Piano prodigy Priscilla Dantas made her way from Brazil to North Bend this week to share her story and inspire local school kids through her music.

She came from the slums of Brazil, where she learned to play piano at the age of 10.

This week, she came to North Bend High School to share her story.

Her summers are spent performing benefit concerts throughout Oregon to raise money for her education.

This week, students at the high school got front row seats. "I'm just here today to share with those kids a little bit of my story, and try to encourage them in music or whatever encourages them," she said.

Priscilla has been given an academic scholarship from Students Helping Street Kids International, a Eugene based non-profit since the age of ten, when she started playing piano. "With a lot of sacrifice, I didn't have a piano at the beginning, so I'd just sneak into the school of music where my father worked, and I would just practice there at night until 1:00 am to 2:00 am."

She says the man who started the program has helped her since the start. "It was through my story and performances, Bob Krits, who is the founder of the non-profit, that has sponsored my education since I was 10-years-old until now."

Priscilla is in her third year at the University of Oregon, and offers private piano lessons to kids in the Eugene area.