Police: Man planned New Year's goat sacrifice

ROSEBURG, Ore. - An Oregon man planned to sacrifice a goat before the New Year but wound up in jail when a suspicious goat owner reported him, Oregon State Police said.

Hunter Chambers Goldberg, 23, is being held in the Douglas County Jail on $100,000 bail. He faces charges of aggravated animal abuse, trespassing and conspiracy.

The case started when a woman in Melrose, Ore., called police and said Goldberg had asked to buy one of her goats.

A state trooper contacted Goldberg, and police said the man had planned to steal the animal and was in the process of writing an apology note.

The trooper found two machetes in Goldberg's car. He allegedly told the officer that he had sacrificied a goat a few weeks earlier and dumped the remains in a creek.

Officers found the carcass and arrested Goldberg. Police said Goldberg was trying to perform the sacrifice before the New Year arrived.